Where I stand on Black Lives Matter

Normally I stay out of politics, but I’ve learned that is no longer an appropriate response. I support Black Lives Matter. I explain why here.

Ramit Sethi

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This blog isn’t just about money or business. It’s about choosing what’s important to us. And it’s about speaking up when we see something wrong.

George Floyd’s murder is not an isolated crime. It is the latest example of systemic and structural oppression in this country, weaponized to take one man’s life.

I used to stay quiet about politics publicly. But over the last few years, I started speaking up. Money is political. Jobs are political. Pandemics are political. And being black is political.

I have much more to learn about race and politics. I’m listening.

I believe in dialogue, but dialogue is not enough — we need structural change. I believe in accountability for police brutality. I believe in a diverse community and country. I believe in voting racists out of office. I believe in acknowledging and fighting the real, systemic barriers that hold us back. And I believe #BlackLivesMatter.

You have a voice. Whether you use it to post publicly, to donate, or to VOTE, please let your voice be heard.

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