Make money Online Using Google Maps!!!

90% of those who go through this whole post will not take action, and out of the recurring 10%, 99% of them will give up at their first struggle. 🤷‍♂️

I suggest you at least try, treat it like a test for yourself.

if you decide to try it, I suggest you hop on your computer and do it. 💻

And as for getting in contact with your clients, best is give them a call, or if you live nearby.. go and give them a visit.

And if you don’t want to call or meet in person, send a well done & professional email.

This is an almost 4 month old repost, for you that didn’t get the first line in the caption 😊

I have been out of ideas lately, and I since I only had 20K followers when I first made this post, I thought I’d repost it as there’s a lot of new ones here that probably haven’t seen it yet! 👀

Make sure you save the post! Because I will probably archive it later!

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